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Dr. Michael S. Bold, OD.

Whether it's a pair of glasses or contact lenses, Dr. Michael S. Bold, OD., Inc. offers quick turnaround on products and an easy ordering process. With over 3000 frames to chose from, your eyeglass choices are made easy and affordable. Dr. Bold's frames run from very economical under $100.00 to high end designer Versace, Prada and Gucci frames.


Dr. Bold eyeglass lenses are all great optic lenses that you can order standard or chose to upgrade with lightweight, anti-reflective or photochromatic options. Dr. Bold's patients choose their budget points and no matter what you order, you can be assured that you will love the outcome! Our premium Progressives include: Zeiss Progressives and Varilux Comfort/Varilux Panamic Progressives, Teflon Anti-Reflective or Crizal Anti-Reflective.


Our contact lens inventory and selection at Bold Optometry include all contact lenses available on the market. We offer custom bifocal contacts and custom toric fits including monovision fits to all patients that don't fit the standard "over the counter" orders. With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Michael Bold can fit the most difficult prescriptions. All orders are shipped quickly and effectively so that your "downtime" of being without contact lenses are minimized.


Welcome to our La Palma vision center.

Dr Bold Optometrists is the leading eyecare center in La Palma,CA.


We are committed to offering the very highest level of patient care in our clinics and will work with you wherever possible to make your treatment as affordable as we are able. We accept a wide range of insurance providers.


The health of your eyes is the most important of all of your senses which is why the recommendation for children is to have regular eye exams until them reach adulthood.